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York Sewer District's Commercial FOG Program

This is an informational page for our Commercial Customers. Please continue below to find links to our Rules & Regulations, Frequently Asked Questions, and Best Management Practices.

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One of the greatest challenges to successful operation of our community’s sewers is improper disposal of Fats, Oil, and Grease — we call it FOG. When dumped or washed down the drain, they cause blockages in the sewer and create overflows of raw sewage into our waters. Not only are blockages bad for water quality, but they can result in additional charges beyond your sewer rates (extra cleaning, emergency response, violations, etc.). FOG can also cause backups in your plumbing.

Rules & Regulations Fog Application

​The York Sewer District has recently updated its sewer use regulations and applications to better protect our waterways and beaches. These new regulations may require you to modify your facility’s operations.

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