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Do you have an extra meter for irrigation? Do you have a meter for your Well?
Email reading pictures to: 

New Private Meter Installation

All meters must read in cubic feet. Upon installation of the meter, you must submit a picture of the meter that shows the start reading of the meter and the serial number via mail or email at  Please be sure to include the property address and the date of installation.  Also please call to schedule an inspection of the installation of the meter.  

Irrigation meter readings are due in the fall when your system is shut down no later than November 30th of each year.  Well meter readings are due in February of each year.  Please submit a photo of your meter reading via email at or by mail to York Sewer District, PO Box 1039, York Beach, ME  03910.  Late meter readings or meters read in gallons will not be accepted.


Kittery Water District    207-439-0775

E.J. Prescott                 207-797-3330

F.W. Webb                    603-334-9830

P&E Supply                  207-324-6239

Standard of N.E.           603-436-1400

Washburns Plumbing    603-436-0027

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