Payment Information

In order to apply payments correctly. Please make sure to do the following:


  1. Make checks payable to York Sewer District

  2. Enclose the top portion of your invoice which indicates your name, address, customer and account number, and quarterly amount to pay.  If you are paying different just simply cross it out and write in the amount on your check.

  3. Include your YSD account number and customer number or service location on the check especially if there is no stub attached or in the event the stub is misplaced.  We want to ensure payments are applied accordingly. The name on the check may not be the name on the account.  By law the account name must match the Deed.

  4. Review check written for accuracy, date, and signature

  5. Payments by check or cash  may be made in person at our physical location:

***YSD can now accept credit/debit card payments in person at our counter***

  • 21 Bay Haven Rd.

       York, ME 03909 or

         Check payments (ONLY) can be mailed to:

  • P.O. Box 1039

       York Beach, ME 03910


Please note: We do not accept payments over the phone.


We are not able to set up auto withdrawal. Please check with your financial institution for their ability to do so on your behalf.


We do not accept post dated checks.  If received, the payment will be mailed back.

Returned checks will be subject to a $30 fee.



Frequently Asked Questions:


What does Total Due mean on my bill?

This reflects the bill for the entire year. Some customers choose to pay this, to have peace of mind that the sewer bill for the year has been taken care of.


What does Amount Due Now mean?

This is what is owed for the Quarter. If you have a lien or a previous balance this will include those amounts.


What if I have a Sewer Lien on my Property?

If an account has a balance that carries over from our prior fiscal year, a lien will automatically be placed on the property at the start of the new fiscal year.


*A 30 Day Notice of Lien- to take care of the balance before the end of the fiscal year will be mailed out to the mailing address on file.


How do I get the Lien released?

In order to release the lien, the full amount needs to be paid.  This would include: previous balance owed, lien fees, and interest.

You can now pay your bill with us online. Please click the above link to take you to site.  Please make sure to choose York Sewer District in the drop down and follow instuctions from there.  All major credit cards are accepted. 

Questions on your bill?

Give us a call! 

We are happy to assist you!
(207) 363-4232

Billing Schedule:


July 1st is the start of our fiscal year. An annual amount owed will be calculated based off of water usuage from the prior year.


The annual amount owed will be broken up into 4 (four) equal payments.


Invoices will be generated and due as followed (Generally generated the first business day of each month- actual date may vary-payment due 30 days from date of invoice):



              Quarter 1        Jul. 1st            Due   Aug. 1st


              Quarter 2        Oct. 1st           Due   Nov. 1st


              Quarter 3        Jan. 1st           Due   Feb. 1st


              Quarter 4        Apr. 1st          Due   May 1st





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