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Board of Trustees

York Sewer District Bylaws


Robert Hoyt, Chairman May 2028

Wayne McIntire, Vice Chairman May 2024

Nicholas Donis, Clerk May 2025

Barry Davis, Treasurer May 2026

Robert Knowles, Trustee May 2027

District Staff

Superintendent: Philip Tucker

Chief Financial Officer: Terry Blanchard


Compliance Officer: Theresa Tucker​​​


Accounts & Customer Service Specialist: Kim Walsh

Director of Operations: Justin Barnett​

Chief Operator: Thomas Cardona

Senior Operator: Jordan Steves

Plant Operator: Darren Lauletta


Collection System Foreman: Kevin Eaton

Senior Collection System Operator: Nick Volinsky

Collection System Operator: Dylan Dube

Maintenance Technician: Travis Pelletier

Electrician & Instrumentation Specialist: Anthony Cote

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