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Here at the York Sewer District we welcomed the opportunity to host a class in our new training facility.  Thank you to our instructors today; Richard Darling, P.E., Bill Sheehan, Maine DEP, and David Keith, Carrabassette WPCF.  Pictured below is a completely full class!


This class was held Wednesday, February 27, 2019 from 8:30am to 3:30pm.


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There are many challenges to consider when operating a water or wastewater facility in a climate where ice, cold, and extreme winter weather come with the territory.  The Key is to be ready ahead of time, and not wait until disaster strikes.  By taking the proper steps, you will never have to say "If only I knew then what I know now..."

This interactive session will broaden your maintenance measures that can be taken to ensure effective management of an operation during a "big chill".  Experts in the field will explain what they've learned from mishaps experienced or averted.  We will discuss operational issues including the biological effects that happen in winter and snowmaking as a method of effluent disposal.  The presenters will also examine less well-known safety issues that should be considered when running a water or wastewater plant in Maine's winter.   Learn how to protect your facility, your infrastructure, and yourself through foresight, common sense , and creative thinking.



Richard Darling, P.E.

Bill Sheehan, Maine DEP

David Keith, Carrabassett WPCF


6 Training Contact Hours

Approved for Water and Wastewater Operators

Course #: J1915


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