NEWEA Planning Session for Public Awareness and Government Affairs



Assistant Superintendent Phil Tucker is seen here presenting at the NEWEA Planning Session for Public Awareness and Government Affairs on March 10th and 11th of 2019 in Salem, MA.

JETCC Training


Here we have a full class on Facility Operations in Cold Climate was held here at YSD on February 27, 2019

Imagine a Day without Water 2019

YORK BEACH -- First grade students from Village Elementary School gathered around a large model of a sink at the York Beach Ballfield Oct. 23, clutching small pots in which they had just planted seeds. They were waiting to water their new plants from the sink’s faucet, expecting that it would work normally and without issue. However, when the faucet was turned, the students realized that the sink did not work, and they would not be able to water their seeds from it. Read more...

Clean Water Week 2014


Clean Water Week 2014 Poster Contest Winners! Caris Welch, Ashley Carver, Malina Voter, Luke Knowles with MeWEA Executive Commitee members!

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Nubble Lighthouse 2019 photo credit S.Laurendeau