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Education and Community Involvement

Internship Program

The York Sewer District created an internship program for high school students who are looking for a potential career in the water/wastewater industry. Students intern for one full semester at the Sewer District and one full semester at the Water District.  The students are then allowed to sit for an operator exam if they choose. If they pass their exam they are presented with their operator's license at graduation.

Imagine a Day without Water 

Every year the York Sewer District partners with the York Water District to put on an "Imagine a Day Without Water Event" for the York School Department, teaching the importance of "clean water" and what it would be like if we no longer had clean water.


Clean Water Week 2014


Clean Water Week 2014 Poster Contest Winners! Caris Welch, Ashley Carver, Malina Voter, Luke Knowles with MeWEA Executive Commitee members!

Government Affairs

Superintendent Phil Tucker in D.C. with Senator Collins helping to advocate for wastewater needs in our State.

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